white papers / case studies

White Papers:

Relationships, Language and Body Posture: The True Definition of PR. Why public relations is all about relationships.

It’s All Who You Know and How Much You Like Each Other: Best Practices in Marketing Come from Building Authentic Relationships

Case Studies:

Joe Cornell Entertainment

In a saturated local entertainment market, this 60-year-old Michigan company, which provides dance and etiquette classes for sixth-graders and DJs for private parties, sought differentiation in the minds of consumers.

Your People LLC worked with Joe Cornell executives to create a strategic volunteer leadership program for dance students, which culminated in a community fundraiser led by the students themselves. This effort generated heightened awareness for Joe Cornell Entertainment, empowered students with leadership and community-savvy skills, and built relationships and awareness which elevated the company’s public profile.

Additionally, Your People LLC created an eblast for monthly communications with clients and took part in some branding activity as well.

Healthy 4 Life

When local mom Jennifer Cooper wanted to create a business, she came to Your People LLC to create a brand that matched her vision. This company guides families toward healthy eating and fitness habits. Your People LLC created the logo and marketing materials to launch Healthy 4 Life.

Dr. Adam Rubin

In an effort to expand awareness and audience for vocal-specialist Dr. Adam Rubin’s annual World Voice Day concert gala, Your People LLC generated a Public Relations buzz for the April 2009 event. The resulting crowd was double the size of the previous year’s event and the additional media attention shone a spotlight on Dr. Rubin and his ear-nose-throat medical practice in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.

Orchard Mall

By creating a website, planning strategic events and building a public relations buzz, Your People LLC generated a renewal of attention, awareness and traffic for a 40-year-old suburban shopping mall. Having gone through several incarnations in its tenure, and enduring an economic crisis in its surrounding community, Orchard Mall became once again the spotlight focus for suburban community-building. Your People LLC worked with Orchard Mall executives to create strategic events and opportunities for community members to patronize the mall, including collaborations between mall retailers, community groups and philanthropies.

cHiller’s Markets

By creating strategic alliances with key community members and organizations, planning events and designing marketing collateral to communicate their purpose, and arranging print, radio and TV appearances for company individuals, Your People LLC created a public image for this 70-year-old local grocery company.

While the seven Hiller’s Markets grocery stores had an existing huge consumer base to begin with, going through the economic crisis of 2009 and in consideration of stiff competition with a packed grocery market in Southeast Michigan, this public image and message transmission elevated Hiller’s to a new status. This included creating a Buy Local awareness and drawing attention to the power of community in rebuilding after a local economic crisis.

For two years, Your People LLC created charity campaigns and brought in key media personnel and local leaders as partners with Hiller’s Markets to provide added value for shoppers and a sense of giving-back to enhance the company image.