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To help schools, universities, cities, and education-focused entrepreneurs/organizations craft their story, create a story-driven marketing plan, and grow enrollment through strategic, consistent, coordinated communications and marketing initiatives.

Our Corporate Values

  • Craft Inspiring Stories
  • Empower Organizational Storytelling – master the message!
  • Lead the Conversation – get in front of key issues
  • Connect People to, and Fulfill, Organizational Missions
  • Infuse Business with Purpose
  • Make an Impact Where it Matters Most
  • Make PR & Marketing Accessible
  • Create Strategies to Strengthen Brand Positioning

About Your People

Founded in 2007, Your People was born at a time when the economy was spiraling downward and Lynne Golodner was becoming a single mother of three young children. The world was learning how to function in new and meaningful ways, and our work became to help people find their direction in a new marketplace.

Our origin story is similar to our clients’ stories – new horizons born of struggle, a blind belief that passion, talent, and a desire to make a difference could translate to a mission that others will get behind.

Your People LLC aims to make meaningful connections in an era of distant communication. As we spend more time in the digital sphere, less connected face-to-face with others, we realize how much we need human connection to grow. We also realize that people have many choices for how they spend their time and resources and so they need a real reason to engage with a particular organization.

That focus drives Marketing Strategies & Content Generation for schools, universities, and education-focused organizations, for whom we craft compelling stories around their mission, to create inspiring brands.

Lynne Golodner sought to support her young children and work around their schedules, doing what she does best – finding compelling stories and sharing them with the people they might change and inspire. Putting her storytelling talents to use for businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions, Lynne created a boutique firm that becomes part of client teams, finding the meaning and purpose in what they do and using it to drive marketing efforts.

Over the years, we’ve worked with clients in Education, Food, Yoga, Health & Wellness, Nonprofit, Human Social Service, Civic/Municipal, Legal, Franchise, and Faith. We specialize today in Marketing and Public Relations for Education & Municipal clients.

Your People LLC, a Detroit-based storytelling and strategy agency, aims to build a world where everyone finds the right words to explain what they do, who they are, and what they believe. Created in 2007, Your People LLC helps people find voice and purpose, guiding organizations to care for clients as an authentic marketing strategy. Communications efforts focus on sharing the human stories behind organizations, building mutually-beneficial relationships that create customer loyalty.

The Your People team speaks clients’ language and understands their industries, while retaining the objectivity of an outside partner. Fun client collaborations empower organizations with a new understanding of their brand positioning.

If you’re looking for direction, if you desire growth, if you’re just not sure how to attract your ideal audience, we can help. 

Meet Our Team

Your People has always been a small, relationship-focused company, with personal touch as a hallmark of how we work with clients. There is no bait-and-switch with us – we bring on clients and work with them seamlessly, never engaging in top-level onboarding and then account-level management. Who you meet at the outset is who you will work with all the way through.

Our team consists of a nimble and expert group of specialists, including:

Lynne Golodner

Lynne Golodner

Chief Creative Officer & Owner

You know that person you were when you were little, before the pressures and stresses of having to earn a living or support a family? Back when you engaged in activities simply because they were fun and you were driven to do them? For Lynne Golodner, that person loved writing.

In the early 1980s, she carried around a corduroy-covered journal, writing stories, poems, and skits. When a neighbor’s son tragically died in middle school, Lynne created a neighborhood newsletter to give his parents as a way to express sympathy for their loss. Writing was her way of figuring out the world, of capturing momentary beauty and stunning silence. Writing was how she made sense of difficulties and how she shared beauty with those she loved.

So it’s no wonder that all-grown-up Lynne is an entrepreneur who helps schools and universities, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs market with meaning through strategic storytelling, mutually beneficial relationships and higher purpose.  Read More…

Rebekah Epstein

Rebekah Epstein

Media Relations Specialist

Rebekah Epstein supports Your People’s media relations efforts through fifteen media, her boutique firm based in Austin, Texas. Rebekah has secured exposure and credibility with media features in Forbes, The New York Times, Newsweek, People, Self, Health, Refinery 29, Everyday Health, Men’s Health and many more. Rebekah speaks at national conferences about DIY PR, freelancing, and entrepreneurship. She has written about these topics in publications such as, Mavenly + Co, Fast Company, Entrepreneur and Huffington Post.

Katrina Froelich

Katrina Froelich

Digital Strategist

Katrina Froelich is a Marketing and Digital Professional and recent UCLA Grad based in San Diego. She supports Your People and the Make Meaning Podcast through blogging, social media and the development of new digital strategies to increase awareness and grow the audience. She welcomes a challenge and loves finding creative solutions to complex marketing problems. Katrina is passionate about sharing stories that matter to enact meaningful change.
Michael Thompson

Michael Thompson

Web Developer

With more than 25 years experience in systems administration and software development, Michael Thompson helps Your People clients develop custom websites and navigate challenges presented by today’s technology. Michael has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Toledo, and lives in Ida with his wife, dog and two cats. His daughter is currently attending the school of business at Wayne State University in Detroit.

Tim Williams

Tim Williams

Graphic Designer

As a professional graphic designer, Tim Williams supplements the Your People team with graphic design and design for web use, featuring out-of-the-box, creative ideas and innovations to really make brands stand out from the crowd. He is both a strategic and creative resource to clients at every step of the process, whose purpose is to align inspiration and storytelling into powerful and clear visual experiences. He is the proud father of two, including a true teen basketball star.

Jessica Horst

Jessica Horst

Marketing Intern

Jessica Horst is currently a junior at St. Olaf College in Northfield Minnesota, and is majoring in English, with concentrations in Media Studies, Management Studies, and Race & Ethnic Studies. Jessica hopes to pursue a career in marketing or advertising, and was very excited to be offered an internship at Your People LLC this winter; she looks forward to learning more about what happens during consultations with clients, and the work that goes into building marketing plans.

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