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You know that person you were when you were little, before the pressures and stresses of having to earn a living or support a family? Back when you engaged in activities simply because they were fun and you were driven to do them? For Lynne Golodner, that person loved writing.

In the early 1980s, she carried around a corduroy-covered journal, writing stories, poems, and skits. When a neighbor’s son tragically died in middle school, Lynne created a neighborhood newsletter to give his parents as a way to express sympathy for their loss.

Writing was her way of figuring out the world, of capturing momentary beauty and stunning silence. Writing was how she made sense of difficulties and how she shared beauty with those she loved.

So it’s no wonder that all-grown-up Lynne is an entrepreneur who helps schools and universities, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs market with meaning through strategic storytelling, mutually beneficial relationships, and higher purpose. She has spent more than 20 years as a self-employed entrepreneur and author, inspiring others to find their voice, identify their purpose, and live according to the unique passion found within. She believes the work you do should align with who you are at the core – and from there, grows a life of purpose. 

For 15 years, Lynne was a nationally-celebrated journalist, living in New York, Washington, D.C., and Detroit. She focused on the metals and mining industry for American Metal Market and wrote about domestic legislation affecting Jewish Americans for the Washington Jewish Week. She created and managed a weekly section on twentysomethings called “The Scene” for the Detroit Jewish News, taking it freelance as she transitioned from full-time employment to entrepreneurship in 1998 and began writing for magazines and newspapers across America.

Lynne has written about education, home, architecture, design and real estate, food, faith and family, and she is the author of eight published books with her 9th due out in February 2021.

When she became a single mother of three young children in 2007, Lynne parlayed her communication skills into a new role as Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Your People – a marketing and public relations company with a focus on purpose and story that revolutionizes how organizations build brand awareness and grow their revenues. Since 2013, she has specialized in working with schools, universities and education-focused nonprofits. She is now the mom of four teenagers, 3 in high school and 1 in college.

Today, Lynne is a 2020 member of the Forbes Agency Council and repeatedly receives awards for her innovative leadership in marketing and public relations. In 2019, she was recognized by MichBusiness as a Marketing & PR Prophet, and in 2018 Crain’s Detroit Business named her a Notable Woman in Marketing.

Her most recent venture is the Make Meaning Movement, including the Make Meaning Podcast, which Lynne launched in 2018. Lynne also writes a regular Make Meaning column for the Oakland Press. Find her inspiring articles about marketing with meaning there and at

A Fulbright Specialist, Lynne graduated from University of Michigan (BA, Communications/English) and Goddard College (MFA, Writing). In 2018, she completed the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Entrepreneurship Certification. She is the mother of four teenagers and lives with her husband and children in Huntington Woods, Michigan.

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Vickie Thompson-Sandy, CEO, The Buckeye Ranch

“Lynne and I worked together for several years in Michigan. She brought that organization to a new level of recognition as an expert in their areas of focus. I would highly recommend working with Lynne and her team!”


Lisa Diggs, Founder of the Buy Michigan Now campaign

“Lynne is that rare business professional who is as talented at what she does as she is conscientious about how she does it. She is a gifted writer, a creative thinker, and a caring individual. Lynne consistently uses her abilities to enhance the productivity and image of her clients, while also tending to the betterment of her community.” 


Ronald Jasgur, President at Woodward Asset Capital

“I’d almost prefer not to tell anyone about the extraordinary results we’ve had working with Lynne for fear that too many people might find out what we already know…she’s the best at what she does. If you have the opportunity to work with her, don’t waste a minute thinking twice.”

Emily Barnes, Interim President, Cleary University

“Lynne is so amazing! She made my fire hydrant of a response sound like poetry. Lynne makes herself available early mornings, late nights, weekends, often without notice, to ensure we send the right message to those we serve. We cannot thank Lynne enough for her wisdom during this time of uncertainty.”

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