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What’s the story behind your story?

What inspirations, challenges, and successes brought you to where you are today?

How could those stories connect you with your ideal audience and grow your reach?

Work with the Your People team to  make a real impact in the world. Consistent, focused storytelling builds your brand in powerful ways. Identify your key messages and realize the potential of sharing them across communication channels consistently and comprehensively for ongoing growth & success.

Select the right package for you!

Your People offers a variety of packages to help schools and universities, nonprofits, municipalities, and entrepreneurs translate the mission and passion behind their work into storytelling and strategies that capture a devoted audience and build enduring relationships that transcend transactions.

Sold Out Enrollment

A perfect package for schools and universities interested in nailing their story, establishing a comprehensive marketing/PR strategy, and building their audience. Our work together will sharpen your messaging and audience interaction toward boosting enrollment and keeping it strong!

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    • Are you struggling to increase inquiries to your school or university?

    • Do you want to become known as the go-to educational outlet, where students yearn to enroll?

    • Do you want to increase donor support and fill enrollment to bursting? 

    • If you said YES to any (or all!) of these questions, we can help you get there! We love working with schools, universities and education-focused organizations to grow enrollment and develop non-tuition-driven revenue models for long-term sustainability & impact.

    • In this package, we work with educational institutions for a significant period of time (usually 12-18 months), to articulate a compelling story, craft a vivid vision, and build a marketing strategy to build awareness and engagement. We work with key stakeholders to  establish your story and use that language to drive engagement with your ideal audience through digital and real-time endeavors (including media, social media, websites, blogging, newsletters, events, and more!)

    • By the end of our time together, you’ll know who you are and with whom to connect to not only grow, but sustain sold-out enrollment!

    • Through our work together, you will…

      • Experience an increase in inquiries

      • Become known in your community

      • Share your innovative approaches to education in media

      • Engage with interested candidates

      • Attract more people to campus

      • Showcase your expertise in the education industry

      • Attract supporters and donors

Let’s Talk!

The City Speaks

Through this package, small to medium-sized municipalities with limited resources can boost their communications to connect with constituents, manage messaging, and get ahead of tricky situations by being the first and loudest voice on important issues.

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      • Do you have a coordinated strategy to communicate with residents?

      • Do you struggle to stay in front of issues and manage the message to your benefit?

      • Do you understand your audience’s needs and speak to those needs on a regular basis?

      • These struggles and more are real for small to medium-sized municipalities with limited staff and time to create a marketing/messaging road map and stay ahead of communications issues. We can help!

      • In our City Speaks package, we become the agency of record for municipalities interested in a coordinated approach to managing messaging, connecting with constituents, and getting ahead of tricky situations to the benefit of residents and businesses in the community.

      • As your agency of record, we will ensure that you…

        • Are the first to speak about pressing issues affecting your community

        • Drive the message the way you want it to be known

        • Build engagement with residents and businesses in mutually beneficial and strategic ways

        • Reduce the degree of discontent residents may feel about millages, commission decisions, and other matters

        • Increase engagement with civic initiatives

        • Build pride in your city

Let’s Get Started!!

Copywriting Power Hour

One hour is all it takes to put your expertise, thoughts, and ideas into transformative messages that inspire your audiences. This quick collaboration is perfect for generating brochure copy, writing a quick press release, or leveling up website content.

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    • Does your bio, brochure, or other marketing messaging accurately reflect who you are, what you do, and how you help?

    • Are you having a hard time putting into words what makes you unique, innovative, and worth hiring?

    •  Sign up for a Copywriting Power Hour with Lynne Golodner, where you’ll talk, she’ll type, and you’ll end up with brilliant new copy that truly represents who you are, what you do, and why people should hire you!

    • We work with business owners, education leaders, city managers and solopreneurs in these collaborative sessions to deliver copy easily, quickly, and in ways that reflect how you want your business to impact the community. 

    • After a 75-minute session, you’ll receive polished new copy and clarity on how you must market what you do for maximum impact. 

    • Register here to give a boost to your content!

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Quick Content

We’ll partner with you for an intense month, on a deep dive into crafting copy for a brochure, website, op-ed or media pitch to better showcase who you are, how you help, and where you can move the needle.

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    • Do you need help explaining what you do and why you do it?

    • Do you want your website, brochure, or marketing pieces to reflect your passion for your work, and the unique way you do it? 

    • Drawing on decades of experience as a journalist, author, and marketing consultant, Lynne Golodner is a copywriting expert who loves to listen to clients’ dreams and turn that information into compelling content they can use in Marketing and Public Relations.

    • In 4 weeks of working together, you can develop a fresh voice for your website, an inspiring new brochure, or another snazzy marketing message that truly connects you to your audience in ways that make them want to work with you. This package allows you to work with a  marketing and messaging expert to profoundly improve your story so it brings you new business.

    • You’ll meet twice over Zoom, in easy hour-long sessions, with unlimited email support, and at the end of our work together, you’ll have polished content that accurately reflects who you are, what you do, and what you dream of achieving. Register now!

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